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Great family fun and shows

Gatorland's Splash Park
Get ready for soaking-wet fun at Gatorland's Splash Park.  Designed for those hot days,  Gator Gully Splash Park is in the middle of all the action.  With  a quarter- acre off high-octane fun,  immerse yourself in the giant egrets spilling water from their beaks; and dueling water guns mounted on the backs of two giant gators.  Have a  friendly squirt-fest with your neighbor; an ol� jalopy overrun with water and places to splash; a bucket tree that is just perfect for a slow dash and spray for the little ones.

Jungle Crocs
Boasting the most dangerous crocodiles on the continent, some of these critters weigh up to 1,000 lbs. Scouring the world over, Gatorland's owner Owen Godwin searched for the meanest crocs alive. Meet Sultan, the King of the Nile and his harem of lady crocs. Responsible for human fatality in Native Africa,  Nile  crocs are capable of reaching 20 feet.  Gatorland also houses a pari of Cuban crocodiles Ricardo and Lucy.  Unlike their African counterparts,  these too are considered the most dangerous crocs capable of jumping to amzaing heights.

Allie's Barnyard
Make a quick stop at Allie's Barnyard and make some amazing new friends. At Allie's, children will be mesmerized with cute and cuddly animals that love to eat right out of your hand. Allie's Barnyard promotes lots of up-close encounters and where making new friends is an everyday experience. Kids will just love to meet Gracie, the Barnyard's favorite goat. Allie's offers a host of friendly creatures including goats, lammas, and five pure breed sheep.

Express Railroad
At the Express Railroad, check out Florida's first train rides, Ol' Iron Horse. Making it's first debut in 1961, Iron Horse was fashioned as 1800's style train. Now in retirement, Ol' Iron Horse transported 7.5 million around Gatorland during the space of 45 years. Jump aboard Gatorland's new Express train that immerses guests into the wild natural habitats of Jungle Crocs, Breeding Marsh, and Bird Rockery areas. After your journey, stop in at Pear's Smokehouse for delectable morsals of Deep Fried Florida Nuggests, Smoke Gator Ribs, Cheese Burgers, and cool refreshing soft drinks.

Very Merry Aviary
Immerse yourself in the merriest place on earth at Gatorland.  Verry Merry houses hundreds of  brightly colored Lorikeets native from the East Indies and Western Pacific.  At Merry Aviary, making friends with your favorite Lorikeet is an everyday experience. These featherly little birds are so curious they just love to perch on you shoulder or finger to check things out. Very Merry encourages hand-feeding these cuddley creatures for an enhanced experience. Expect these brightly colored Lorikeets to flutter around in search of a tasty treat and then swoop down at a moments notice.

Alligator Island
Explore the most exciting exhibit at Gatorland, Alligator Island. Guests come from around the nation  to see Alf, a gigantic American Crocodile weighing over 1,000 pounds. As you journey down the winding trails, discover some of the largest reptiles in Florida. As gators come to welcome you to their home, experience close encounters with reptiles up to 15 feet. Watch as the residents of Alligator Island soak up the Florida sun. Not only do the gators hatch there eggs under the palm tree, but several species of birds including Snowy Egret the make nests in the branches.  

Gatorland Splash Park Sglash  Park
Gatorland's Jungle Crocs Jungle Crocs
Gatorland Express Railroad Express Railroad
Gatorland Bird Aviary Very Merry Aviary
Allie's Barn Yard Allie's Barn Yard
Alligator Island Alligator Island
Swamp Walk Swamp Walk
Gatorland Birds


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